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We have compiled these handy user instructions for you, we are working on writing guides for more phone models but the following should help you.

If you need WAP access and are in the uk click here Nokia Instructions are as follows (tested on a Nokia 7650)

1. Connect to http://v22.net/midi/index.php via services on your phone
2. Select options, then goto
3. Press c to clear the existing address
4. Put in the new address then goto
5. Select the ringtone and press mouse key
6. Then press play
7. stop it at the appropriate place to record the sample.
7A. options save
8. Now select it from your ringtone list.

Sharp GX-10 Instructions;

1. Select Menu
2. Select 'My Phone'
3. Select 'My Bookmarks'
4. From 'Options' Select 'Add'
5. Put in a title
6. Enter the URL http://v22.net/midi/index.php
7. Select this to visit the site via WAP
8. Click on the 'Midi Ringtones' link
9. Browse until you find a ringtone (I liked Pulp Fiction - Theme Tune.mid)
10. Click on the ringtone you would like.
11. Hit the green phone button on your mobile to bring up the options.
12. Select '7 Save Items'
13. Select 'Menu' (bottom right on the display, top right button on the GX-10)
14. Select '1 Save' on the menu that pops up.
15. Hit OK

Ericsson instructions (tested on T300/T68):

1. Go to the Internet Menu on your phone
2. Select Enter Address
3. Type in http://v22.net/midi/index.php
4. Hit yes, and wait for the page to connect/load
5. To download the ring, click yes while the file is highlighted.
6. Accept the download by pressing yes.
7. Close out of the internet (press no).
8. Load up your Fun and Games section, and go to My Sounds. It'll be the first one on the list.
9. To set it as a ringtone, follow instructions in the manual.

Samsung T100

To download from WAP:
1. Press the up soft key on the phone to conect to WAP
2. Depending on network, settings are different, but go to the "Input web address" aection and select it.
3. Type in the Free Polyphonic Ringtones WAP address (http://v22.net/mmf/index.php)
4. Select Ringtone
5. Download into file (this will replace one of the first 10 ringtones in the ringtones list)
6. Press the 'red' soft key to exit WAP
7. Press the right soft key to get to your ringtones.
8. Find your ringtone you have downloaded, and select it.

Samsung Phones From PC

If your phone model is not listed above, the WAP download should still work for you, just visit http://v22.net/midi/index.php via your WAP browser, download a ringtones and save it.

If you experience a problem, post your comments here and we will endeavour to find a solution.

Please also post help and tips and we will build the guidance into the site to help others.
Copright 2003 - V22.net The Polyphonic Ringtones Free WAP Download Site.

If you don't have a Polyphonic Ringtone Compatible mobile phone visit Free Nokia Ringtones for free ringtones in RTTL, Key Press and Composer Format - www.free-ringtones-4-nokia-ringtones-4-free.com